Welcome to Janata College
Janata College proudly proclaims its noble existence since 1986 as a centre of learning of the state.Janata College, is the product of sincere effort of enthusiastic, social elites of this locality, who could then dream of providing Higher Education to the children of poor agrarian parents. Since then the Institution is on its go to cater to the needs of the youths and enable them to secure a place in the arena of employment and other social fields.
Principal's Message
Janata College – a vicinity with its own name and fame – has its unparalleled history and incomparable distinction in carving out a niche in Geo-political and cultural landscape of the state of Odisha being the birth place of Janata College, a literary genius par excellence ,
Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Mahapatra
Janata Library of Janata College, Kuhudi remains open from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. daily on all the working days except Sundays and notified holidays. The sole objective of his library is to serve its readers satisfactorily from difference angles of their approach. Till date this library possesses more than 16,000 books on difference subjects along with some useful reference books.
• Every student must obtain on admission, the Identity Card which must have his/her photograph attested and wear the identity card on person whenever he/she is on the college premises, and