National Social Service :

The N.S.S. has been included in this college since May, 1980 to promote national consciousness and to inculcate a sence of social responsibility discipline and dignity or labour among the students.


The more specific objectivess of N.S.S. are to arouse the students social consciousness and provide them with the opportunities.

a) To work with and among the people.

b) To engage in non-violent and constructive social activities.

c) To enhance his/her knowldge of himself/herself and community through a confrontation with reality.

d) To put his/her scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least

some of the social problems and .

e) To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership. One hundred

fifty students can be enrolled in the N.S.S. Unit as volunteers for a period of at least two years.

The Primary objectives of N.S.S. is to provide opportunities to those students who feels motivated to serve the community. Working for and with the community understanding the problems of real-life, utilising their skills and knowldge in solving those problems would enrich their experience and would have tremendous value as a preparation for life.


Students who desire voluntarily to join N.S.S. are apply in plain paper in the prescribed application form given below. Such application should be submitted to the programme officer N.S.S. .