College Rules :

1. Before a student is admitted to the college he /she and his/ her guardian has to sign an undertaking to the effect that he /she will abide by the rules of the college.

2. Each students must register in the college office the address at which he lives. He must notify to the college any subsequent change of address.

3. Every student is required to attend the classes regularly and punctually. Continuous absence is a serious breach of the college discipline.

4. Students should be in their seats before the lecturer enters the room and must not leave the class room without the permission of the lecturer. In no circumstances should the teaching be disturbed or interpted with by any student in the class room, If so, the student is liable to be punished.

5. A student coming late may be allowed to enter the room only with the permission of lecturer.

6. Girl students should be allowed to occupy the seats in the front row of the seats set apart for them.

7. Students should behave in the classroom in disciplined manner and be attentive to the lecturer.

8. Students not connected with a class in progress must not assemble in front of the class room or make a noise. Students having no class are to sit inside their respective common rooms.

9. Students have the right to participate in extra-curricular activities but in no circumstances should they indulge in such activities as will be detrimental to the academic interests.

10. Students attending political meetings should so conduct themselves as not to bring themselves into undesirable prominence.

11 . It is the duty of each and every student to co-operate for the success of all kinds of extra curricular activities in the college. The unseemly behaviour of any student on such occasions will be considered as an act of gross indiscipline.


a. College dues are payble on the days fixed for collection. Failure to pay within the month will entail upon the defaulter the removal of his name from the college rolls.

b. All fine including those imposed on grounds of indiscipline shall be realised along with the tution fee.

c. Defaulters paying their fees in the next month are required to pay a default fine Rs. 1/ - After the expiry of the month, their names will be regarded to have been removed from the rolls & they will have to pay re-admission fee equivalent to one months tution fee.

d. Students cannot claim exemption from paying default fine or re-admission fee as a matter of right. Such exemption may be granted on very special cases and on very special grounds by the principal.

e. College tuition fees along with other dues for the remaining months of the academic session will be realised from a student before he is allowed to fill up the application form of Council/University examination.

f. Declaration of the result of a college examination may be withheld for non-payment of college dues.


a.  Railway concession is issued for the benefit of the students of this institution when they travel to -and fro from the institution for study tour.

b.  The conecession form is valid for fourteen days from the date of issue for outward journing and 3 months for the return journey.

c.  In this connection a certificate from the proctor is necessary in order to enable the head of the institution that the puroose of the journey is genuine.


a.  Every Student will be assigned with a proctorial group.

b.  A proctor shall be a member of the teaching staff.

c.  Students shall meet their concerned proctors at least once in a month in the proctorial class.

d.  Students have every right to discuss their difficulties and problems with their concerned proctors.